Fast Growing Hedges

Fast growing hedges are an ideal choice Where privacy and cost may be a factor, and there is a need to have a quick solution. We offer a range of fast growing hedges for those desiring a fully grown hedge in a short time period. Our ranges grow at around 50cm per annum and will typically reach up to 5m in height, making them ideal for year round privacy.

Examples of fast growing hedges

  • Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel is easy to cultivate and take care of even by amateur gardeners. With dark green glossy leaves that they retain all year, Cherry Laurels provide strong coverage from wind and sound, as well as blocking anything unsightly from view.

  • Leyland Cypress

If you need a hedge in a hurry, a Leyland Cypress is a great option due to its fast growth rate of 3-4 feet each year. The benefit of this is that they can be kept at any height you like as long as they’re trimmed twice per year.