Griselina Hedges

Griselinia Littoralis is a true evergreen plant originating from New Zealand where it is known as New Zealand Broadleaf or, in Maori as Kapuka. It has glossy, apple green leaves, tiny yellow flowers in spring and, subject to pruning, purple fruit in autumn. The plants make a dense and bushy garden hedge and are generally kept to a height of 2m or lower. However, if you want something taller, it will reach 6m. Griselinia will thrive on most soils but prefers less exposed sites.

Hedge Xpress Griselinia Littoralis Range

Hedge Xpress Griselinia Littoralis Variegata Range

Griselinia Littoralis – more information

Griselinia is salt tolerant and therefore ideal for coastal situations – littoralis means growing by the sea.

Soil and Situation: Not fussy but likes some shelter

Maintenance: Like any good hedging plant, Griselinia Littoralis can be pruned hard to maintain the desired shape and height. Prune mid-August

Versatility: In gardens it is nearly always grown as a hedge but could be used as a specimen plant.