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Consider lavender for low level hedges or borders

A lavender hedge can add style, class and a wonderful scent to your garden. When most people think about hedges, they think about dense, green borders, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.
low level lavender hedge outside property

Lavender hedges are perfect for creating low level hedges or borders.
Depending on the plant variety you choose to go with, the plants can grow up to 3 feet in height. With evergreen leaves and stunning flowers from mid-spring to late summer, it will be a beautiful addition to your property all year round. Read more

How to plant and care for box hedges

Box hedges or Buxus sempervirens are perfect if you’re looking for a neat, evergreen hedge. They are slow growing plants which make it easy to keep your hedge looking smart. You can order box hedge plants in various sizes, based on how quickly you want your hedge completed. Read more

Fast growing hedge varieties for new build homes

New build homes come with many advantages, but one issue that comes up quite often is a lack of privacy; due to densely built upon areas. Your garden is likely to be left to you as a blank slate to do with what you please, which is great. In most cases, front gardens are the first areas to work on as they can leave your house feeling very ‘open’.

fast growing hedge outside new build home

Hedges can be an effective security, and privacy, perimeter for your home, whilst looking great. However, waiting for a hedge to grow beyond a foot can be painstakingly tedious, even for the most patient of us. Lucky for you, we have a variety of fast growing hedges for a quick solution.

Fast growing hedges can give you an instant fix for your empty borders. They can prove to be a really cost-effective way to fill the space in your garden. Within a couple of years, you can achieve a full, tall and evergreen hedge.

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Topiary – Knots, Parterres And Mazes

Topiary is not just stand-alone figures or geometric hedges – it covers three of the key features of formal gardens: knot gardens, parterres and mazes …

Hedge Planting at Hedge Xpress

Cherry Laurel  90-120cm

£16.95 exc. VAT

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A Guide to Hedge Planting Distances

Measuring distances and aligning rope for digging trench. Planting a Yew Hedge.

Correct Hedge Planting Distances are determined, not by the size of plant you buy, but by the height and density of the hedge you wish to create….

Hedging at Hedge Xpress

Privet 60-90cm

£8.95 exc. VAT

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Introducing Topiary Hedging Plants

The choice of Topiary Hedging Plants is varied. Five of the most popular are: Box, Privet, Lonicera Nitida, Yew and Hornbeam. All share key attributes…

Topiary Hedging Plants at Hedge Xpress

Privet 60-90cm

£8.95 exc. VAT

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