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About Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen hedges make a welcome addition to many gardens for many reasons. We have listed just of these below:


  1. Privacy: Evergreen hedges are an excellent way to create privacy and block out unwanted views. Unlike deciduous hedges that lose their leaves in winter, evergreen hedges retain their leaves year-round, providing a continuous screen.
  2. Aesthetics: Evergreen hedges are attractive and provide a consistent backdrop for other garden plants all year round. They can also be used to define the boundaries of a garden or property.
  3. Low maintenance: Once established, evergreen hedges require very little maintenance. They only need to be pruned to maintain their shape and there is less sweeping up of leaves in the Autumn as they maintain their leaves.
  4. Windbreak: Evergreen hedges can act as a windbreak, protecting your garden and property from strong winds. This is especially important in areas with strong winds or in coastal areas. Griselinia and Elaeagnus are great for seafront hedges.
  5. Wildlife habitat: Evergreen hedges can provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife. They offer shelter and a source of food and can help attract beneficial insects to your garden.
  6. They supply all year round noise reducing capabilities. For instance Cherry Laurels leathery leaves are perfect for reflecting noise.

Overall, evergreen hedges are an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a low-maintenance, attractive, and functional boundary around their property or garden.

Feel free to select from our diverse range of evergreen hedges below.

Popular Evergreen Hedges

Common Box

Box’s attractive, soft, tight, summer growth will form a full dark green evergreen garden hedge over time and is easy to keep to its desired height and shape. .

Elaeagnus x Ebbingei

Elaeagnus × ebbingei or Ebbinge’s Silverberry is a large, compact multi-stemmed evergreen hedging plant with highly distinctive foliage. Its thick, broad leaves have a silvery sheen on their underside topped by a dark, near metallic sea-green.

Griselinia Littoralis Variegata

Griselinia Littoralis is a true evergreen plant originating from New Zealand where it is known as New Zealand Broadleaf or, in Maori as Kapuka. It has glossy, apple green leaves, tiny yellow flowers in spring and, subject to pruning, purple fruit in autumn.

Portuguese Laurel

The Portuguese Laurel is more versatile than it’s counterpart Cherry Laurel, accepting even shallow chalk soils and is hardier, making an excellent hedging plant that is easily manageable.


The Leylandii can be planted all year round for a garden hedge that will establish quickly. Dark green foliage is made up of tiny sprays of verdant leaves and small spherical cones.


This is an excellent way to form a near instant hedge; or could be used as a partition in restaurants or other similar situations.

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Hedge Guide

Beech Tree

The HedgeXpress Hedge Guide will first help you to decide which hedging or edging plants best suit your garden both horticulturally and aesthetically and then show you how to give your new plants the best possible start.

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