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About Lavender Chaytoriae Plants

All Lavandula × chaytoriae varieties (the name honours the renowned Lavender expert, Dorothy Chaytor) are hybrids of Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavandula Lanata (Woolly Lavender), a shrubby native of southern Spain, renowned for its silvery-haired foliage. The resulting varieties, collectively known as the Velvet Lavenders, are hardy to around -10°C and have a glorious scent, attractive soft, silvery foliage and a mass of rich purple flowers.

As easy to maintain as any other Lavender, they are an excellent addition to any garden, in the ground or containers, whether you plant them on their own or alongside other varieties. In particular, they contrast beautifully with the greener foliage of Lavandula angustifolia cultivars.

The flowering period is from mid-summer from June to July.

Popular Lavender Chaytoriae Plants

Lavender Richard Gray

A distinctive and sought-after hybrid, that spreads wide rather than tall. Richly scented and vivid violet, flower spikes appear throughout July and August.

Lavender Sawyers, Various Sizes

If you want silvery, scented foliage, look no further. Fragrant, pale purple flowers complete the package for (formal) edging and Mediterranean-style containers.

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