New home, new hedge: hedging ideas for your new home

Hedge Xpress New Home

New Home ~ New Hedge…

Welcome to your new home

No doubt the paint charts are out, furniture brochures opened and thoughts may be turning towards a new kitchen or bathroom.

But what about your new gardens?

They are as much a part of your new home as the bricks and mortar and whether you are planning no more than a lawn for the kids and a patio for relaxing or a horticultural paradise that will be years in the making, there is one aspect that can be easily attended to now and will provide immediate impact and benefit – your boundaries.

And nothing turns a home into a castle to greater effect than a hedge…

The Hedge Xpress Hedge Guide explains this simple transformation and guides you through the choices you can make. But, for the moment, here are the main reasons why hedging is the new home owner’s best choice:

  • Hedging costs less and is far more aesthetically pleasing than fencing
  • Hedging can offer privacy, security and protection against wind and noise
  • Hedging attracts bees, butterflies, birds and other attractive wildlife
  • Planting a hedge is less arduous than you may think – and why not invite friends and family around for a Planting Party? Six adults can easily put in a hedge in a day
  • Maintenance really is easy, requires no special training or knowledge (everything you need to know can be found on this website) and will take up no more than a day or two’s work spread across the year
  • Hedging gives instant kerb appeal to front gardens
  • There are hedging plants available for all soils and locations: acid to alkaline; chalk to clay; shade to full sun…and we only grow varieties proven to thrive in the UK’s climate and soils
  • Instant impact can be gained by choosing larger plants
  • And don’t forget we’re as much edging as hedging. We have a carefully chosen range of smaller plants, including stunning Lavenders (without which an English garden isn’t truly complete) for borders, beds, par terres and containers

Why Hedge Xpress?

  • We are your local experts – we can help and advise on the right hedge for your new home
  • Our straightforward Hedge Guide can get you started
  • Our Hedge Estimators can give you a good idea how many plants you will need for each new hedge length
  • We have a wide range of Evergreen and Semi-Evergreen hedge plants available
  • Hedging plants, Edging plants and Decorative plants available
  • New home instant hedging available at affordable prices
  • Free delivery on all orders over £300

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