Pleached Trees

Pleached trees can provide height, privacy and style without taking up too much space. The trees are trained to provide screens of foliage from tall, core stems and can be supplied to fit your garden’s requirements. Evergreen varieties may suit for year-round privacy, alternatively we have stunning deciduous trees with Hornbeam being the classic choice.

We provide our Pleached Hornbeam in 2 metre wide panels with different start heights from the ground. A typical use of pleached trees is to heighten existing walls for increased privacy. This offers both an aesthetically pleasing, and often less expensive alternative to increasing wall height by building up. Alternatively, we can provide a younger plant for you to pleach; not as difficult as may seem! Please ring to discuss in greater detail & order.

Pleached Hornbeam HedgeXpress

Hedge Xpress Pleached Tree Range