Privet Hedges

Ligustrum ovalifolium, (or Oval-leaved Privet) is native to Japan but has made a second home in Britain where it is our most popular hedging plant.

Hardy and unfussy privet hedging can attain a height of 4m but a lower height is easily maintained by pruning in August. If you want to maintain the geometric neatness of an established hedge throughout the summer, it can be frequently trimmed. This is also the way to keep the flowers at bay if you are not a fan of their distinctive fragrance.

Privet is classified as a semi-evergreen because it does drop some leaves in autumn and winter, generally from inside its form rather than from the outside face and any such drop will compromise neither its good looks nor the privacy it offers. In short, privet creates a superb, medium size and effectively evergreen garden hedge.

Hedge Xpress Privet Hedge Range