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Here at Hedge Xpress we grow a selection of grasses. Grasses can be a great addition to a garden, supplying moment, texture and all year round interest,

Whether it be through a tinging in the Summer (Stipa arundancea) or Winter (Carex testacea) or the outlines of the evergreen clumps glazed by frost (Stipa gigantea).


Grasses are an excellent addition to any garden and can serve a variety of purposes. Here are some of the ways they can be used:

  1. Ornamental: Grasses can add texture, movement, and visual interest to a garden. They come in a variety of colours and heights, and many have interesting seed heads that add to their appeal. Grasses can be used as a focal point or to fill in gaps in the garden.
  2. Naturalising: Grasses can be used to create a more naturalistic look in the garden. They can be planted in meadow-like settings or along paths and walkways. Grasses can also be used to stabilise slopes and prevent erosion.
  3. Movement: The lack of rigidity in many grasses allow them to move in the wind, adding movement to the garden.
  4. Texture: Grasses come in all kinds of texture, this combined with the movement invites people to touch it making the garden more interactive.
  5. Water features: Grasses can be used around water features such as ponds and streams to soften the edges and create a naturalistic look. They can also be used to filter water and provide habitat for wildlife.
  6. Drought-tolerant: Many grasses are drought-tolerant and can thrive in hot and dry conditions. This makes them an excellent choice for gardens in arid regions or for gardeners who want to conserve water.

To summarise, grasses are a versatile and attractive addition to any garden. They offer a range of practical and aesthetic benefits and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the overall look and feel of the garden.

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